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Team Exec has performed extensive research pertinent to problem identification for Product Portfolio Management (PPM1) and has taken a different approach by creating Organizations (with Subsidiaries) by functional roles and responsibilities within the Product Executive (i.e. Owner) Organizational Hierarchy Structure.

This turnkey solution provides the Productive Executive (i.e. Owner) with pre-defined business re-engineered processes by the Team Exec PPM Experts; requiring only training for end users, saving the organization the business process re-engineering cost; not to mention the resulting Quality Improvement Productivity (QIP).

Traditionally, the Product Owner Organization roles and responsibilities are tailored to accommodate the selected application which is not holistic to their respective duties because of the lack of functionality not built into the application, resulting in additional tasks requiring manpower to close the gap.

Highlighting the Top 10 "A+ Prod Exec Model" Application Functionality:

1. Automated Horizontal & Vertical Marketshare

2. Automated Product Revenue & Cost

3. Automated Milestones & Tollgates 

4. Automated Resource Gantt Charts

5. Automated Tactical Execution Metrics

6. Automated Capital Performance Metrics

7. Automated Briefing Books & Dashboards

8. Automated Performance Scoring & Color Coding 

9. Automated Historical Performance Trending Charts for Product Life Cycle

10. Automated Historical Notes & End User Audit Trail Tracking

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